Monday, July 01, 2013

Canada Day in Sainte-Adèle

We’ve been at Christine’s mother’s cottage at Sainte-Adèle since Friday night, enjoying a longish and quiet weekend. Christine and I have been picking at our collaboration again, getting some good work done on the manuscript in preparation for our reading at the In/Words Reading Series on July 31st (we're even, as we speak now, working on the chapbook for the event). We spend the days quietly working in our respective corners, and meet up for dinner, and various evening activities. With the nice weather, there’s even the opportunity to sit an afternoon reading on the deck.

Still: I know, we’re missing David Scrimshaw’s awesome brunch, and various invitations/opportunities to hang about The Carleton Tavern.

I spent about a day listening to nothing but Townes Van Zandt; where the hell have I been? (I feel like the last one to make it to the party, and most of the beer is long, long gone.) Eventually shifted from there to Justin Townes Earle. Some really powerful stuff, and more than a couple of pieces I've set aside to attempt to learn how to play. How did I then end up at Snow Patrol?

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