Saturday, June 18, 2016

from the desk of rob mclennan : real pants,

I've been included in the "from the desk of" series over at Real Pants, in which I write about my desk. Why am I always writing about my desk? I seem to have done that a bunch over the past couple of years, from the "At the Desk" series in 2014 over at Open Book: Ontario, on "Writing Spaces" for The New Quarterly, and even as part of Amish Trivedi's "Where Do You Write, My Lovely?" blog (which he should really do more of). And then, of course, the same desk but my prior office. I've even done a number of "on writing" pieces over the past couple of years as well, from this one "On Attention" for The Malahat Review, a little write-up on composing my "goldfish" sequence, on composing short fiction for Numero Cinq, on writing the fragment, another on short fiction for The Town Crier, and "On Writing" for Catina Noble, as well as my more recent "my writing day" piece. Given I've been telling myself I'm attempting to complete a manuscript of short fiction amid the small children we keep building, I really do have a lot of other stuff I think I need to say...

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