Friday, April 30, 2010

rob curates the Globe & Mail book blog, final entry + full list;

Globe & Mail: rob mclennan on Robert Kroetsch;

All April, thanks to Judith Fitzgerald and Peter Scowen, I’ve been curating twenty spaces on the Globe & Mail book blog, asked for poets to write on other poets. The suggestion on the Globe site is deceptive: I didn’t pick any of the subjects (but for mine, obviously), but asked twenty writers of poetry to write on whomever they chose. Over the weeks, some were forced to drop out for various reasons, unable to complete the task, and even further were asked (originally I wasn’t planning on writing any at all, but somehow managed to write two, which wasn’t my intention). It was pretty entertaining, the idea of including all sorts of writers who might otherwise not be allowed a Globe & Mail anything (where have all the poetry reviews gone? Why doesn’t the Focus section write on poets more often? Etc) Thanks to all the writers who contributed magnificent pieces (there were days when twenty weren't nearly enough)! Here’s the entire list of pieces back;

rob mclennan on Robert Kroetsch;
Lainna Lane El Jabi on Christine Stewart;
Natalie Zina Walschots on Jenny Sampirisi;
Wanda O’Connor on Artie Gold;
Clint Burnham on Jeff Derksen;
Joe Blades on Phoebe Tsang;
Angela Carr on Kate Eichhorn;
Stan Rogal on Gregory Betts;
Sharon Harris on Jennifer LoveGrove;
derek beaulieu on Helen Hajnoczky;
Jesse Patrick Ferguson on Peter Norman;
Nicole Markotic on Nikki Reimer;
Rob Budde on Ken Belford;
Sachiko Murakami on a.rawlings;
Phil Hall on Laurie Duggan;
Monica Kidd on Stan Dragland;
Marcus McCann on Nicholas Lea;
Stephen Collis on Kim Minkus;
Kim Minkus on Stephen Collis;
rob mclennan on Pearl Pirie;
Judith Fitzgerald on rob mclennan (opener);


Unknown said...


Thanks so much for posting the list; as a late arrival to the listserv through new membership in the League of Canadian Poets, I have just learned about the April entries. Will enjoy reading.
This has been a wonderful NPM for me--full of poetry!
Best on this last day of an amazing month.

Judith Fitzgerald said...

Thank you more than we can possibly express to each all of you who contributed to making Planetary Poetry Month 2010 such an extraordinary eye-opening event and ear-cheering experience.

rob, I shall always count the horseshoes on my arse you agreed to curate this amazing collection of poems, comments, and voices.

Undeniably, Judith Fitzgerald

Lemon Hound said...

As I've said, great work there.

The G&M really should keep you.