Saturday, April 10, 2010

rob curates the Globe & Mail book blog, April 2010;

Thanks to Judith Fitzgerald & Peter Scowan, I've been curating some twenty pieces, poets on poets, for the Globe & Mail book blog, with the first few up this week: myself on Pearl Pirie, Kim Minkus on Stephen Collis, Stephen Collis on Kim Minkus, Marcus McCann on Nicholas Lea, and Monica Kidd on Stan Dragland, and the introductory piece, Fitzgerald on me!

With more than a dozen left to go, watch for further pieces, including Lainna El Jabi on Christine Stewart, Rob Budde on Ken Belford, Nicole Markotic on Nikki Reimer, Stan Rogal on Gregory Betts, Joe Blades on Phoebe Tsang, Sachiko Murakami on a. rawlings, Natalie Zina Walschots on Jenny Sampirisi and Wanda O'Connor on Artie Gold.

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