Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an old poem fixated in thoughts on small moments

Small poems are almost harder than the large ones, and deceptively so. Calgary writer derek beaulieu always tells me he prefers my small poems to the larger ones. Comedy, they say, is far harder than drama, but rarely wins any of the major awards. Just what is that about?

attachment: moon



Is every second poem a moon poem? Too small to say too much about, but you get the idea. I was pretty pleased with another little poem I wrote that used a similar slight-of-hand, eventually adapting itself into the title for the journal ottawater, calling it "local element," writing a chemical composition riffing off the symbol for oxygen and the symbol for water, pronouncing it “aw-two-water.” It's already been suggested that if such a thing existed, it would be toxic. Leave it to me, I suppose.

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