Monday, September 01, 2008


Open Letter: A Canadian Journal of Writing & Theory
"New Canadian Poetries," guest-edited by rob mclennan

-- To All the (Cow)Girls I’ve Loved, Before… by Nicole Markotić

-- “The Records Spun My Lonesomeness”: A Short Essay on David McGimpsey’s “Ancient Rock Mythology" by Alessandro Porco

-- interview with Adeena Karasick by rob mclennan

-- TRANSCENDING HYPERSPECIFICITY: Bill Kennedy’s ‘Apostrophe’ (plus Kennedy’s collaboration with Darren Wershler-Henry, Apostrophe, as framed by Gerald Creede’s ‘Résumé’ and Steve Venright’s Spiral Agitator) by Adam Seelig

-- Will You Play? A Discussion of Play-in-Process and Work-in-Progress JA = NINE: Scrabbalah by Jill Hartman

-- Stuttering Continuity (or, Like It's 1999): An Interview with Lisa Robertson at Cambridge by Mark Cochrane

-- You Don’t Adapt to An Avalanche: Gerald Creede’s Ambit as Working Class Writing by Donato Mancini

-- That Which is Called Nothing is Found Only in Women’s Magazines: My Reading of Karen MacCormack’s At Issue by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

-- ‘refusing the prairie: radicality & urbanity in Calgarian poetics’ by derek beaulieu

-- A Body in Flux: Lisa Robertson’s The Weather by Colin Martin

-- Canon Fodder: A Correspondence Between Jay MillAr and Tim Conley

- Here Comes the Violence: Poetry, the Mass Media, and Damian Lopes’s
Sensory Deprivation by Jonathan Ball

- a visual poem by Max Middle

- cover image (above): visual piece by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

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