Saturday, September 06, 2008

Alberta Dispatch: interviews & writing from Edmonton

rob mclennan

table of contents:



On (not) Being an Alberta Writer: or, anticipating UofA

sexing the prairie

from Missing Persons

wild horses: poems

Alberta dispatch: West Edmonton Mall

: an interview with rob mclennan by Sheila Murphy

John Stiles questions for Contemporary Verse 2

Haas Bianchi questions, Chicago Postmodern Poetry

The Swift & a Heft: An Interview with rob mclennan by Lea Graham

This could be a very long answer: an interview with rob mclennan by The Puritan
rob mclennan bibliography:

$25; published by above/ground press [note: this item is NOT part of the regular above/ground press annual subscription] & produced in an ongoing edition on the University of Alberta Bookstore's Espresso Book Machine;

The University of Alberta Bookstore will have copies in store & on website soon, but until then, to order a copy, send $25 + $3 (for postage; in US, send in American dollars) to:

rob mclennan
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