Monday, April 02, 2007

poem for cheryl referencing diane arbus & werner

They call it the thing of things; essence
of essences: great northern snowy owl, whiteness.
— John Thompson, Stiltjack

when almost-rain begins to freeze,
a spring of sheep, & all the wrong-stuff

translation coats; of cards & letters

I've looked at marriage from at least
three distant blocks

I know you here & edge &
light speaks sometimes through

a stark then even, when I let
to great extent

a barricade of teeth

not the art of scholars but illiterate; a smile,
even as her double scorn

a third & third resounding to their function,
a car hears creeks

the written material of crows
& crows-feet

where do the creeks; at times I fall
& bridges alter

in useless brothers go

in my unlawful comprehension, did any
unusual find

green coats & a shepherds watch,
if even statements could abate

if I don’t let you

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