Monday, July 24, 2006

astrology + doomed love affairs

I'm not sure where she found it, but I got this in a recent email:
Not always content to advance within an existing structure, some March 15 people find it necessary to initiate new endeavors in which they play a central role from the very start. Therefore, once they have made a commitment, establishing a family or business comes quite naturally to them.

The dual relationship of Venus and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) grants great charm to March 15 people, but can also make them vulnerable to romance and likely to associate with unstable or questionable characters.

Those born March 15 must take particular care not to get involved in destructive love relationships. They have a propensity for sex-and-love addictions, which although tremendously pleasurable can ultimately prove to be claiming, dependence promoting, and painful.
I won't even go into what ideas and theories this brings up, or what led to a particular young lady to send me this in the first place. Ah, the Pisces male.

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