Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rory, etcetera
Jennifer & Kate & I drove down to the farm yesterday, to see what my sister's new baby, Rory, looked like. Here's a photo I took while we were there (from left to right): my daughter Kate (15 1/2) holding her cousin Rory (11 days old), Rory's sister Emma (2 1/2) & my sister Kathy. Apparently Kate & I are going down to the farm again for a week, just before the August long weekend, for (perhaps) the Glengarry Highland Games, my sister's annual day-long bbq, & to help out with Emma while my sister recovers.

& then late last night, stayed up far too late watching Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World (1991). Easily my favourite film (Smoke is another favourite…), but its three & a half hours long, & didn’t even start until 11:45pm (but Wenders, who also did Faraway, So Close, Wings of Desire, Million Dollar Hotel & Paris, Texas, is genius). Apparently it was co-written by Peter Carey, which makes me want to at least see what his writing is all about; is there anything in particular I should start with?

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