Saturday, January 14, 2012

new rob mclennan chapbook, Red Giant (unarmed), now available!

I just received copies of my most recent chapbook, Red Giant, published through unarmed journal, down there in St Paul, MN. The work is a selection from an unpublished manuscript, "Red Giant," composed around 2005 or so, small poems I'm still rather fond of.

Really, the most exciting part of the publication is the fact that Michael Mann asked Nelson Ball for permission to use one of Barbara Caruso's artworks on the cover (one of the poems inside the collection is dedicated to Caruso), and the cover image is from "color lock, black series" (seripress, 1976), with an interior black-and-white piece "from the alphabet series."

It comes with the new issue of unarmed journal #64, featuring work by jwcurry, Amanda Earl, Pearl Pirie, Camille Martin, Daniel f. Bradley, Guy R. Beining, Joe Blades, Sheila E. Murphy, Kyle Schlesinger, Jim Leftwich, kemeny babineau, Gary Barwin and plenty of others.

If you're interested in a copy (or to submit a small poem to the journal), send an email to the publisher at, or drop $5 on my Paypal button and I'll mail you a copy. Sound good?

There are also still copies left via the publishers of recent chapbooks C. (little red leaves) and The underside of the line, (above/ground press) as well.

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v.ponka said...

Beautiful cover!