Saturday, May 24, 2008

Greenboathouse Books: 1999-2008

Ten Years of Chapbooks

This summer marks 10 years of chapbooks from Greenboathouse Books, and we're pleased to announce the release of our latest and LAST title: Jay Millar's Woods Pages, a meditative exploration of language and the natural world.

Jay's book marks our 23rd title, and with production now complete, we're excited to let it loose into the world as the final Greenboathouse Books project. Over the next month or two, all things Greenboathouse Books will be sorted and cleaned up, loose ends tied, and the boathouse boarded up. It's been exciting, and challenging, and rewarding, and the feedback from writers and readers alike has always made Greenboathouse Books a pleasure to produce, but it's time for new and different challenges.

If this is a surprise, or if you're curious to hear more (oh yes, there will be more), please visit the website, which will be live for another couple of months. There you'll find not only info on future plans (exciting, big plans), but you'll also be able to order your copy of Jay's book, which we're expecting to sell out quickly (advance orders have already nabbed 30% of the print run).

You might be interested in our special offer of our last two titles together at a 10% discount, or the one-shot only Super-Bundle: a collection of rare copies plucked from the Greenboathouse archive which have been unavailable, in some cases, for years. There's only one of these bundles, so if you're at all interested, grab it quickly.

It's a beautiful day here in the Okanagan, and once this press release is sent off, I'm heading out to the boathouse to spend the afternoon reading, building a new book shelf, and tidying up the beach as the lake level begins to rise. That's where all this book business started, and that's where I'm heading today.

Thank you so much to everyone who's supported our efforts over the years, and we'll look forward to crossing paths again down the road...

Jason Dewinetz
Publisher, Editor, Designer, etc.
Greenboathouse Books

3303 - 25th Street
Vernon, BC
V1T 4R4

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