Friday, October 06, 2006

Revised and Extended Call for Submissions for the Kootenay School of Writing’s W Magazine (forwarded by Jonathon Wilcke)
W12: The “All Music” Issue

(Please note that the KSW is currently accepting submissions for both W12 and W13.)

We are looking for submissions for the “All Music” issue of W. The focus of the issue is writing that engages with music/musical elements as a mode of composition or (by extension from printed text) performance. Submissions should address writing that has close ties to music or otherwise engage with music within their compositional structures. All types of writing will be considered, including poetics essays, critical writing, and hypertexts. We will also accept recordings of performances, scores, etc. Please note that although we are interested in concepts such as sound, performance, and improvisation, we are particularly interested in poetry/poetics that first and foremost conceives itself as having a relationship to music. The editors of W12 wish to compile an “All Music” issue that stands in opposition or as an alternative to what we believe to be the more popular connection between poetry and image (i.e. image-text, installations, concrete poetry).

Below is a list of possibilities and concepts that we are interested in for this issue:

1. Poetry as improvisation and/or improvised poetry
2. Improvisation as resistance
3. Performance as a means of re-mobilizing the written text; i.e. to re-write a written text through live (or recorded) performance
4. Poetry as a palette of sound/content for improvised live performance
5. Traditional (oral) poetry and improvised content vs. the apparent permanence of text
6. Resistance to improvisation in both poetry and music as illegitimate or in violation of textuality
7. The possibility of performing other poets’ work, re-setting them in a composed fashion (whereas poets often read their own work, what are some possible strategies for performing other poets’ work in ways that avoid simply reading a poem verbatim)
8. Reading as listening
9. For example: John Cage, Harryette Mullen, Nathaniel Mackey, the Catriona Strang/Francois Houle duets, Louis Zukofsky, Amiri Baraka, The Four Horsemen

Please direct your submissions to the editors of W12. Send your submissions via email; if you would like to submit them via CD or other media please contact the editors before submitting. (Approximate) Deadline: January 01, 2006. If you are unfamiliar with W magazine or the Kootenay School of Writing, please take the time to read our website:

W12 Editors:
Jonathon Wilcke (
Nikki Reimer (

W12 pays: $25 CAD per published page, to a maximum of $75 CAD. (And yes, you'll be paid for scores, hypertexts, etc.)

W is published in .pdf only; long works are therefore acceptable. There is no particular page-count or word-count requirement or limit, but the budget for W12 is not unlimited. Remember that pdf can accommodate full-colour images, embedded audio files, and weblinks.

Publishing in W means that your work will remain virtually "in print" much longer than in a paper magazine, and will be accessible to a more geographically dispersed audience. Almost every issue of W, including back issues, is downloaded from the KSW website dozens of times per month.

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