Tuesday, October 31, 2006

poem for the newly renovated museum of nature

canvas of history & wings, a methodology
of bone

carved out a cradle; earth, & earthen-worn

first how on polar shavings, polar plastic
bear displays

that wouldnt hold a wind

set out or simple calm

would burst a main
for water; dinosaur bones

a sunny morning light a brine
, or beautiful face of calm

floating outer into space

spackle-thin, a spate

memorial of small stone
grasses, herding cats

to stars that twinkle dim & light

the victoria memorial building

where else would you wonder when,
the royal geological

, in what period you were bred

between old country & new

circumnavigate the wings
, a horse-hair slowly in

follow to seed, & original wood
, a generation, strewn

this pattern-flow of benches, molten rock
& superheated air

in screen & glassy eye

or how I endured
the seal hunt, hunt

what one to one another floor
& service

marble calm & steps, a hair
or capable string

where else would you breed,
an einstein mark

through border, trouble; pound
& glass

electrons through a unified whole
a displaced stare

of buckets under ice

Ottawa, Ontario
October 2006

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