Saturday, March 25, 2006

American poet Lea Graham & I spent most of yesterday at my local, Pubwell's (96 Preston Street), writing various collaborations. Here are some of the ones I think worked best...


eight car hours border,
border some

lets go to
in the meantime, baby

cry nashville,
& a paper twang

drawling pen,
& finger inflections

where few & fewer
great white hopes

or memphis heated

letter to cooley

drifters we are

a range of foreign points
to estevan menace

mooning words zip over lines
spent spiraled west

& further, coulee hill
& drift

from the america of olsons kingfisher
& a capital of trees

duncans fields—
to dance a game of creation

the clutter of it all

an open field would manitoba dust

letter to allegrezza

a confluence of chicago words work out
cultural, a factory sense

of you, buona serra, buona notte
& sun at lake edge, your face another language

write away, the length & breadth of her conclusions,
out sweetly, utterably

into this south—a thursday blue of trains,
the scent of strawberry sun

the poem in which
you told me alternate histories of elvis, america

in water & name,

into paper fact

1 comment:

bill said...

how could i ever answer such a wonderous letter?

thanks for sending it. b