Tuesday, February 21, 2006

call it a warehouse sale:

I just got a couple of boxes of my two publications from Windsor, Ontario's Black Moss Press, and until the end of March (2006), am offering them at a discount. $10 each if you see me (maybe at my TREE Reading on March 14th?), or $13 each if you want them mailed (outside Canada, $13 US).

The first is my eighth poetry collection, red earth (Black Moss Press, 2003). This is what poet and critic Harold Rhenisch was nice enough to say about it in Ottawa's own Arc magazine:

"What sets it apart […] is not its reliance on travel, imagery, and its civic sense of poetry, but that it gets its kick of this Bank Street roast straight from the source, from Whitman, Stein, and Kerouac, and from George Bowering, King of TISH. mclennan is better than the lot, a kind of Canadian Robert Creeley, presenting us with moments to move into, like museum dioramas, incomplete until we stand in them. In mclennan, a whole tradition that has been underground in Canada for almost half a century has found a new champion."

The second is an anthology I edited, evergreen: six new poets (Black Moss Press, 2002), featuring the work of six poets who hadn't published full trade collections yet (but for one contributor), including Laurie Fuhr (then, Ottawa; now Calgary), Jon Paul Fiorentino (Montreal), Meghan Jackson (outside of Toronto; watch for her first collection out this fall with Ottawa's Chaudiere Books), Andy Weaver (Edmonton), Susan Elmslie (Montreal; watch for her first collection this year with Brick Books) and ryan fitzpatrick (Calgary).

Also, above/ground press recently released Lea Graham's poetry chapbook Calendar Girls; Lea Graham was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in Northwest Arkansas. She has lived in Missouri, New Jersey, Chicago, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Her work has been published in the Notre Dame Review, the Worcester Review, Near South, and through Kalamalka Press in British Columbia. She has poems forthcoming in Mudlark and Moira. Her interview with the poet Michael Anania is forthcoming this spring through Paper Streets. She currently teaches Creative Writing, Literature and Travel Writing at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Still available, as well, is Shifting Landscapes by "mid-Atlantic" poet Jessica Smith. Send $5 each (CDN; outside Canada, $5 US) to get copies.

As usual, make all cheques payable to rob mclennan c/o 858 Somerset Street West, main floor, Ottawa Ontario Canada K1R 6R7


dfb said...

hey so black moss is dumping them or what? both those books are hardly old - is time to cut losses and dump the fuckers - (by this is mean black moss, not you) seems publishing house have less interest in their back list (like it's nothing to do with them), talk to gustave about his adventures in not having a back list

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