Thursday, March 31, 2005

above/ground press

I’ve been quiet the past few weeks on my blog, mainly because I’ve been working on fiction and listening to the new Kathleen Edwards cd (a gift from my lovely daughter Kate), as well as trying to produce chapbooks through my above/ground press, trying to ease the backlog (some of these titles have been three years slated). Here is a list of various titles I have produced over the past few months, and very soon, hopefully, will be other titles by Karen Clavelle (Winnipeg MB), Douglas Barbour (Edmonton AB), Jan Allen (Kingston ON), Michael Holmes (Toronto ON), Cath Morris (Vancouver BC) and Natalie Simpson (Vancouver BC, formerly Calgary AB).


/it cant be said by Barry McKinnon (Prince George BC), $4

smthg by Max Middle (Ottawa ON), $4

Risky Propositions by Frank Davey (London ON), $4

winter, poems by derek beaulieu (Calgary AB), Laurie Fuhr (Calgary AB), Gil McElroy (Colborne ON), rob mclennan (Ottawa ON), Wanda O’Connor (Ottawa ON) & Adam Seelig (Toronto ON), $4

SHORTS, BRIEFS and curlies by Matthew Holmes (Sackville NB), $4

Autobiographia Cinematica by Alessandro Porco (Montreal QC), $4

junkmaildays by Sophie Levy (Toronto ON), $4

The Cult of David Thompson by Gregory Betts (Hamilton ON), $4

NORTHEAST ANTI-GHAZALS by Eric Folsom (Kingston ON), $4

a week of quiet by rob mclennan (Ottawa ON), $2

Two Songs, John Lavery (Gatineau QC), $2

above/ground press chapbook subscriptions - $30 per calendar year - chapbooks + asides & broadsheets in-between. (outside Canada, $30 US) payable to rob mclennan, c/o 858 Somerset Street West, main floor, Ottawa Ontario K1R 6R7.

for individual orders add $1 for postage for single copies; $2 for orders of 2 or more titles. Outside Canada, please send same in US funds.

submissions always considered, from 2-30 pages for chapbooks, up to 20 pages for STANZAS. s.a.s.e. essential (patience rather important too). Pays in copies, 6 months av. response (im slow)

to be on elist of future publications for above/ground press & other literary notices (BookThug, greenboathouse books etc) or SPAN-O events in Ottawa & others, contact

for more information on rob mclennan, above/ground press or SPAN-O (small press action network - ottawa), including the semi-annual ottawa small press book fair (since 1994), check out the website. catalog on-line, including new publications, submission guidelines, STANZAS bibliography & backlist in print

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