Monday, March 02, 2015

wild horses : sale,‏

I recently picked up a mound of my poetry collection, wild horses (University of Alberta Press, 2010), at a pretty good discount. This means I can pass the savings along to you!

If anyone is interested, the book retails for $20; for a limited time, I'll be selling copies for $10 (+ $2 for shipping in Canada; + $3 to the US; + $5 anywhere else).

One can always drop money into my paypal, above, or simply see me at a reading.

wild horses
rob mclennan

Cast during his year in the U of A's writer in residency, wild horses is Ottawan rob mclennan's deep lyrical engagement with Edmonton, Alberta. He sees the new terrain through his peculiar, sympathising lens--characterised by impassioned tones that range from brusque to tender. There is something of the magpie in him: nothing escapes his subtle gaze, his flighty wit, his voracious gleaning of experience. His supple lines meander and flit over scapes of love, home, family, and literature, rewarding the magpie-minded with a lucid estrangement to things both unfamiliar and familiar.

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