Tuesday, August 05, 2014

the tenth issue of seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics is now online!

Michael Boughn
How long is long enough?

Margaret Christakos
Thresholds of Address, Embouchure and Blowjaw: Some Comments on My Recent Poetics

Victor Coleman 

(from Art Is My Middle Name: An Emotional Memoir)
The Berkeley Poetry Conference

Marilyn Irwin

The Essence of Ambiguity in Poetry

Donato Mancini
Snowball In Hell Turns To Billiard Ball

Erín Moure
De l’ire en Lire

Christine Stewart
from “Settlement”

TENTH ISSUE : summer 2014

rob mclennan: editor
mdesnoyers : design & (re)compiler
roland prevost: founding managing editor

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