Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kate & The Ottawa City Project

Here are two images my lovely daughter Kate [see some of her previous collage work here, and notes involving her here and here, and another poem I wrote for her once] made recently for the cover of my next poetry collection, The Ottawa City Project [see my note on such here, and another one, and excerpts here and here and here], to come out with Chaudiere Books and scheduled to be launched in April at the ottawa international writers festival. I think I prefer the one with the big eye in the middle of it; after seeing the previous collages she did, I thought it would be perfect for her to attempt something for the cover of the collection (she also did the photos that adorn the cover of side/lines: a new Canadian poetics...). I talked to Kate today on the phone, and her suggested titles so far are "eye thingie" and "tulips of doom." Sigh. She's off to Disneywhatever in Orlando, Florida with her aunt and cousin for a week, starting tomorrow. What will I do in the meantime?

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