Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ongoing notes: mid-November 2006

Where am I now? Did you notice that Gregory Betts' above/ground press post has been repeated? Old pal Brendan Hodgson (who has taken my poetry workshop a few times) said some nice things about Chaudiere Books on his blog. And did you see the Monty Reid review in the Ottawa X-Press? Hopefully it'll get more folk to his readings in December... musician Emm Gryner has been doing well for herself lately; apparently she plays at Ottawa's infamous Zaphod Beeblebrox before I get home... Have you seen Tom Fowler's blog lately? And did you see that the Winnipeg reading I'm doing got bumped a day, on the 21st instead of the 22nd (apparently there are some conflicts on that original day)? Apparently Toronto poet Aleah Sato just got poems up on latchkey; she emailed me to let me know. What's this poetry video stuff that Mulligan emailed me? Give me penn sound any day... kemeny babineau's Laurel Reed Books now has a website. Did you read Tina-Frances Trineer's post on the most recent ottawa small press book fair? And Max Middle posted this Ottawa Citizen post-Chaudiere launch photo online; does anyone know why?

Pearl sent me this link too (she must be online constantly); apparently this blog of mine nominated for some other "best of" -- I can barely keep track!

Some very interesting posts on Saint Elizabeth Street, including a review of Kate Greenstreet's new book (I've been carrying the same book around for a couple of weeks now), and asking the question "why don't women poets blog more?" (a question that Sina Queyras has also asked...). Oh, and everyone knows that Jennifer and I are trade publishers now (we apparently also have a myspace page); did you know that Wayde Compton is a trade publisher now too, out there in Vancouver, under Commodore Books?

Some guy emailed me and told me I should read this:, although he didn't tell me why...

Did you see this new poem of mine up on Sidebrow? Apparently Ottawa writer Mary Borsky is doing a fiction workshop at Collected Works Bookstore starting in January; her notice reads:
Discussion on the craft of writing fiction.
Feedback, encouragement, new ideas.
Led by Mary Borsky, author of three books
of fiction and experienced writing teacher.
Collected Works, 1242 Wellington Street
8 consecutive Tuesday evenings 7-9 pm,
January 9 to February 27
call 613-730-7005

My own poetry workshops will be happening on Mondays starting January, but I still haven't figured out which dates... watch here or email for further info...

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