Thursday, August 31, 2006

rob & Brockwell in England, day-ish one...

a lot going on; what else to say? im currently in London, England with Stephen Brockwell, arriving in the UK & crashing at the hotel, almost immediately. im making notes for a novel i might never start; Stephen is being Stephen. shall i tell you abt the fact that during the plane ride, i actually finished watching the dancing movie with Antonio Banderas (which one?), or that i had everything they offered (champage: 1, gin & tonic: 3, australian red wine: 1, canadian red wine: 1, port: 1; although i remembered pretty quickly that i dont like port....). & plastic knives but metal forks?

spent the evening going around to too many pubs with Canadian ex-pat Ian Jempson, living in London the past few years. too many pubs & so little time. spent part of an evening at The George Pub & Inn in Southwark, "the last galleried pub in London," which was built in 1677, but had part of it occupied a century earlier, which means both Dickens & Shakespeare were hanging around here.

afterwards, met a woman who does driving tours through London, & a film currently in the works abt her uncle, "legless Arthur." a book abt him, apparently, called Falling Blossom, by Peter Pagmamenta & Lemozo Williams [sic]?

also wandered around a whole pile of other places you would have heard of, but Ian crashing in the hotel where we are (so he doesnt have to do 1 1/2 hrs to his place) & im tired as hell; a tomorrow problem. i wont tell you abt Eve in the bar downstairs; very small & very cute. ah me.

already written a couple of postcards that say:
"Took a photograph of Hogwarts & met Doctor Who, but there is no angel Islington...."

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