Saturday, June 03, 2006

every edit is a lie
I'm really a gentleman collector of sentences. I display them in cabinets.
— Lisa Robertson
a sidle sideways; when foreigners make famous
every body incrementally from away

if you go far back; dear reader
; oh sweetness; I am multivocal, thinking

a life or a plan unraveled made

a wish; a flick or a sliver of longing
where is the body, steeped?

what is the accompanying caption?

an appetite to sway; bid far in the fresh
word for a weed for a word

swimming out an age; mist
as tall as the river

thin replica of (former) hope; thunder
some you met me

combing cart before constant horse
; keeping score as much as count

a theory of foundation
& the battered lyric, left out

in the field

as a street slick, yield

all you need for a movie is a gun
& a girl

1 comment:

MissWanda said...

Hey, nice to see you're ripping off Jean-Luc Godard! Silly rabbit.