Saturday, September 10, 2005

some Ottawa (& area) writers (or at least some writers who lived here at one time)

'Segun Akinlolu (& here), Jennifer Arbour, John Baglow, nth digri, Mike Blouin, Kim Brunhuber, Megan Butcher, T. Anders Carson, Alan Cumyn, Louise Daniels, michael dennis (& here), Amanda Earl (& here), Charles De Lint, Pam Farr, Greg Frankson / Ritallin, Laurie Fuhr (& here), Alison Gresik, Elisabeth Harvor, Tom Henighan, Ben Lavigne, Warren Layberry, Suki Lee, John W. MacDonald, Kevin Matthews, Nichole McGill, John Metcalf, Max Middle, Colin Morton, Wanda O'Connor (& here), Pearl Pirie, Randy Ray, Leo Brent Robillard, Jeffrey Ross, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Steve Sauve, David Scrimshaw, E. Russell Smith, J.C. Sulzenko, Gabrielle Taylor (& another here), Richard Taylor, Adam Thomlison, Peter Timusk, Ian Whistle.

some Ottawa writers that don't seem to have personal websites (books, & organization pages):

Sylvia Adams, John Barton, Erin Bidlake, Mary Borsky, Geoffrey Brown, Ronnie R. Brown, Marianne Bluger, Stephen Brockwell, Terry Ann Carter, jwcurry, Michelle Desbarats, Anita Dolman, Rita Donovan, Sharon Abron Drache, Jesse Ferguson, Mark Frutkin, Paul Glennon, Gabriella Goliger, Gwendolyn Guth, Robin Hannah, William Hawkins, Elizabeth Hay, Robert Hogg, Frances Itani, Chris Jennings, Clare Latremouille, John Lavery, Anne Le Dressay, Norman Levine (& here), Melanie Little, Gerald Lynch, Roy MacSkimming, Seymour Mayne, Una McDonnell, Nadine McInnis, Susan McMaster, John Newlove, David O'Meara, Craig Poile, Monty Reid, Sandra Ridley, Shane Rhodes, Caroline Shepard, Elizabeth Smart, Wes Smiderle, Susanna M. Smith, Nicola Vulpe.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to compile a list of Ottawa writers, since for some reason, media and the City of Ottawa seem to have little interest in what we’ve been doing here. When I sent out an email notice suggesting that, however cool the Alberta Scene (celebrating Alberta’s 100th anniversary) & Saskatchewan (another 100th) events around Ottawa are, where was the celebration for our 150th? It was the whole reason I spent eight months working on ottawater (a second issue will appear in January), so it could be part of a larger celebration (that in my mind, never happened). The response to the email was this, which I don’t think amounts to a whole lot (but at least something). What gives? Why is Ottawa so resistant to acknowledging what happens here?

Other Ottawa links:

ottawater, an annual Ottawa poetry pdf journal; ottawa poetry newsletter, Bywords, poetry & events calendar; Shadowy Technicians: New Ottawa Poets; National Capital Letters, Ottawa literary articles (etc), the old Harbinger Poetry Series (formerly Carleton University Press; had a bunch of Ottawa titles), list of poets from Capital Slam; Quintet, a collection of short fiction and poetry, poetry collective Kamanic Press, Ottawa Independent Writers.

& I'm not pretending this is complete, so don't send me any angry emails if you're not on the list. I mean, really.


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