Tuesday, June 01, 2004

May 27
(from a day book)

without words it just gets colder
– Jon Paul Fiorentino

bus to charlottetown, a short
irving esso jam

big step

a dark star text, “inflate

thick w/ mud

a red bone glistens as the
rain abates

girl on the bus reads othello
says, welcome

to nova scotia

when the light is flashing


writing longhand, long
in the tooth

the first bus vs
the springhill mine

anne murray songs,
snowbird disaster

switching quick, this is not
creeleys amherst

highway one roundabout
how i hate them

one wrong turn

get over it, they say
confederation bridge


back on the island, mccain
& mary jane

her north shore house
near reading

july first

a retirement then
to that place where she began

north shore east

overlapping concerns
from book to book to book


a huge potato
& summerside arrive

hotel & imperium

potato soil

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