Thursday, June 24, 2004

June 17
(from a day book)

met a physic
on the road
asked him

so it is with journeys one is drawn
– bpNichol

the last few nights , unable
to get her out of my head

miss ruby red

a pale shade of everything else, & far
too late
a limb

of restlessness & regret
time against me (days)

into flatspin, spinning
out of control, out

of the fire air these


it hardly matters how what was said
or never

there is nothing left to be said

drafting speeches & letters in my head
that will never be sent or shouldnt

stuck in the limbless air

am i even capable of reason

a loss of brute feeling
a colour in the shade

police lights flicker flicker
in the moonlight


a long line of comparison
a long continuous line

a long continual

or life we line at, all narrative
being false,

a beginning
& then an end

where else would you put that

“im not talking to you anymore”

a list longer
than richard nixons

don’t you know that i know that
what i don’t know


There’s no playlist on foolscap promoting standards
– Geoffrey Young

one thing after another thing,

what is her email address, can
i have it please

calling her 1-800 number at night
to hear her voice

& the date today

what does that tell you

what is it that im saying

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