Saturday, October 28, 2017

an autumn post: some recent adventuring,

I feel like I'm very far behind in our adventure-posts the past few months. I am but a flurry of writing and children and errands and children and making.

We've done a number of exciting things lately, including apple picking at an orchard south of Ottawa, where the girls ran around wearing matching jean jackets, and Christine became frustrated at my efficiency (apparently I "missed the point" of apple picking), gathering fifty pounds of apples in less than fifteen minutes. Given we were not that far from the homestead, I suggested: why not take some to my father?

We ended up on the farm, where we had a good visit with my father. When my sister caught wind we were there, she invited us all over for dinner (we also left her a bag of apples).

Which means: the children and I spent the next two weeks baking. Most of what we made have been apple breads, but I also managed two strudels and two batches of applesauce, as well as an apple cake for the sake of Aoife's half-birthday (she turned eighteen months on October 16). Rose has become quite capable at helping with the stirring. Given Aoife also wishes to be involved, I've taken to giving her a pot to simply bang upon, which appeases her so far (I suspect this will not last long).

This is what Aoife looked like the day she turned eighteen months.

We also went to a pumpkin patch, where the girls ran around some more, and picked out a pumpkin they could agree upon (finally). At Rose's insistence, we went through a corn-maze, which neither Aoife nor I were impressed with.

Otherwise, both children enjoyed the day. There was a bouncy area that Rose spent far too much time on, and Aoife and I wandered the other play structures, including a pirate ship.

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