Friday, March 09, 2012

jwcurry’s Room 302 Books: list 13 : as random as it’ll get

Ottawa poet/publisher/bookseller jwcurry [photo of jwcurry at the 2011 spring edition of the ottawa small press book fair; see here for information on this year’s spring edition, June 30, 2012] has issued a new list of titles available from his Room 302 Books. See a previous list of titles here, and another here, and list 12 here. To contact jwcurry, call anytime 613 233 0417 or write/show up to 880 Somerset Street West, Ottawa Ontario K1R 6R7 “for coffee, conversation, & a look at this (& other) stock.” Well worth the trip.

This is where you should be buying your books.

Here are a few (randomly selected) titles from “list 13” (issued January 18, 2012):

Alphabet #12, edited by James Reaney. August 1966.
Work by bissett, Boyle, Stevens, MacEdwen, Valgardson, Dewdney, Nichol, etc.

Alphabet #18/19, edited by James Reaney. June 1971.

Avison, Margaret. SLIVERICK, 2nd edition. 1cent, December 2008.

Barwin, Gary. anus porcupine eyebrow. Kingston PA, Paper Kite Press, 2009.

Coleman, Victor. CAPTIONS FOR THE DEAF. Rumour Publications, 1979.

Copithorne, Judith. BRACKETS & BOUNDARIES (CONCReTE & OTHER ACCRETIONS). Returning Press, 2011.

Fawcett, Brian. COTTONWOOD CANYON. Caledonia Writing Series, 1975.

Gilbert, Gerry. BICYCLE. Caledonia Writing Series, 1977.

Irwin, Marilyn. for when you pick daisies. Privately published, July 2010.

Nichol, bp. SCRAPTURES second sequence. Ganglia Press, December 1965.

Nichol, bp. THE CAPTAIN POETRY POEMS. Blewointmentpress, March 1971.

Nichol, bp. THE YeAr OF THE FROG. Ganglia Press, 1967.

Suknaski, Andrew. ROSE WAY IN THE EAST. Ganglia Press, 1971.

with a selection of other titles by Bev Daurio, Jeff Carpenter, Alice Burdick, bpNichol, Daniel f. Bradley, Wayne Clifford, Pearl Pirie, fingerprinting inkoperated, David UU, Peter Jaeger, Daniel Jones, Dennis Cooley, jwcurry, Jo-Anne Elder, Michael Dean, Ross Priddle, Four Horsemen, David Fujino, Dorothy Livesay, Stuart Ross, d.a. levy, Steve McCaffery, John Newlove, Nicholas Power, Rob Read, Sandra Ridley, Stuart Ross, Bob Grumman, Richard Truhlar, Chris Turnbull, Nico Vassilakis, Frank Zappa and plenty of others.

You can always contact jwcurry directly for information on previous lists, specific authors or titles.

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