Wednesday, November 09, 2011

(another) very short story;

A murder, of crows. A streak, of tigers. A deceit, of lapwings. A tang, of executives. A convocation, of eagles. An army, of frogs. An earth, of fox. A rarity, of doctors. A parliament, of owls. An army, of herring. A congregation, of plovers. A shiver, of sharks. A sweetness, of merchants. A murmuration, of starlings. A bouquet, of nurses. A shoal, of fish. A sedge, of cranes. A raffle, of cabdrivers. A shrewdness, of apes. A bitter, of cynics. An ostentation, of peacocks. A conviction, of farmers. A tower, of giraffes. A business, of ferrets. A parcel, of archivists. An unkindness, of ravens. A terror, of politicians. A bask, of crocodiles. A building, of rooks. A pack, of publishers. A rafter, of turkeys. A pitying, of turtle doves. A cloud, of grasshoppers. A lack, of lawyers. A smack, of jellyfish. An exaltation, of larks. A pint, of poets.

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