Monday, July 01, 2024

happy canada day!

Not sure what today is doing yet, although we might be slow moving. Christine has been laid flat with a cold all week, & I've my broken foot, falling up stairs on Father's Day. Here is, at least, a short story I wrote a while ago set on Canada Day, at the Dominion Tavern in Ottawa's Byward Market (posted as one of those occasional short stories upon my substack, in-between other projects I'm attempting to further), which falls into my short story collection, On Beauty (University of Alberta Press, 2024). You've already pre-ordered a copy, yes? And how many short stories, do you think, are set at the Dominion Tavern? Oh, those were the days.

Both of our young ladies, obviously, have finished their school years. This past Thursday, Aoife completed grade two; the Thursday prior, Rose completed grade five. Let the summer of day-camps, potential travel and other randomness begin. Oh, and I'm reading in Toronto again at the end of the month?

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