Saturday, August 04, 2007

poem for my sister's wedding

A whole marriage passed through.
Ronna Bloom

is you there a blue sunless; sundress
mark a tracery of leaves.

the same thing we would make for compact.

a beauty of trees. sly greening they hide in the bushes. if you could remember
she waiting. he out of ideas.

a living, vascular thing; the two girls would small.

who is more & who less; when you could from a kind.

the difference between wedding & weeding, an inverted slip. a sole letter.
when one a reduction, a thinning out, an edit, & the other, a collaboration of

built on. demand words; a corporate layer.

as in added, one to each side; a brother in law, even after two.

you would use out a composite. composing symphony of acreage.

the greenspace that surrounds the same colour.

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