Wednesday, November 02, 2005

some (finally) new poetry chapbooks from above/ground press

I've been so behind lately, so, at last, a few new publications to keep the mind happy:

Natalie Simpson (Vancouver BC). The writing that should enter into conversation. $2.
Gil McElroy (Colborne ON). (The Work of Art) In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. $4.
Shauna McCabe (Charlottetown PEI). land over time. $4. (see also her new first full-length collection from my Broken Jaw Press / cauldron books series, the collection ancient motel landscape)
ryan fitzpatrick (Calgary AB). Adolesce. $4.
Christophe Casamassima (Baltimore MD). Septology. $2.
Max Middle (Ottawa ON). Smthg. $4 (see also the interview + poems in the first issue of ottawater)
rob mclennan (Ottawa ON). nine variations on the fifth muse. price $3.
Monty Reid (Ottawa ON). cuba A book. $4.

as well as recent "poem" broadsides by Shauna McCabe, Wanda O'Connor, George Bowering, Jordan Scott, Jeanette Lynes, Gary Barwin and rob mclennan.

Add $1 per order w/in Canada; $2 international.

above/ground press 2006 subscriptions now available: $30 per calendar year for STANZAS, chapbooks, STANZAS, asides, broadsheets + The Peter F. Yacht Club (in Canada, $30 Can/ outside, $30 US). Send all of your money, payable to rob mclennan, c/o 858 Somerset Street West, Ottawa Ontario Canada, K1R 6R7.

Current and forthcoming publications by Julia Williams (Calgary), donato mancini (Vancouver), Andy Weaver (Edmonton), Rachel Zolf (Toronto), Matthew Holmes (Sackville), Gregory Betts (Toronto), Alessandro Porco (Montreal), Stan Rogal (Toronto), Anita Dolman (Ottawa), Cath Morris (Vancouver), George Bowering (Vancouver), Eric Folsom (Kingston) + others.

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