Sunday, September 18, 2011

Excerpts: nonetheless, these archives, (poem)

for Cameron Anstee,

did align: gyroscope, stereoscope, mime:
May the day find some othering
thing that we'll settle on later;
a stag on the doorstep
Cole Swensen, greensward

The scene, one noticed. Seed, between. Texture, to a shoreline. No heroics.

Gives tongue to, groundwork. Infer, inform. Light, the better parts reserve.

I am feeling very warm, right now. Strolling, calmly in twos. Paper, stutters, pages.


Default, to greens. Alliance. Much remains the same. Poise, through.

Quickens, pulse. Collect, pull in. Manuscript, a rift of. Constellation. As writing, as.

Preview, licked. Not worthy of remark. Is, paper-thin. Adrift. The view, behind.

Ahead, also. Perfect, mornings. The heart begins, to shadow. Bring, false seasons. Stutter.

Presence: the materials. An epiphany, known also. Touch.


Catalogue, a sustained glide. This, congress. This garden, of. A rhythm, trees.

Dusty buildings, must. An archive, filed. Burnt, pursuant. Chaste.

The archive narrates, silence.

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