Friday, April 04, 2008

launching an online archive (please forward)

Dear all,

After years of planning we are pleased to launch, anonline public archive of the works of bpNichol and his collaborators. Here ( you will find audio, digitized printmaterials, photographs, links and eventually video, critical articles and curated exhibitions - all of which we expect to be tremendously useful for research and teaching.

The site was developed by the Artmob project in collaboration with Ellie Nichol, and is designed as a not-for-profit community initiative.

It is intended as the start of a process, and we encourage everyone to read our submission guidelines if you have material you would like to contribute or an idea for an exhibition of bp's work.

Artmob is a York University-based research project dedicated to building accessible public archives of Canadian art. Over the coming years Artmob will add tools to improve the browsing and cataloguing. It will also provide novel approaches to intellectual property, encouraging contributors to identify themselves and set the terms ofuse for their works. Artmob hopes that a spirit of fair dealing will assist in getting artistic materials out of shoeboxes and filing cabinets and into the world where they belong. is Artmob's pilot project.

Once again, if you or your students (undergraduate or graduate) would like to contribute to the site, please get in touch with us. Here are our submission guidelines:

Please explore and enjoy!

best, Lori Emerson

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