Tuesday, December 26, 2006

post-christmas blues (with pictures)

Home again, then. The pictures aren't new, but a selection of various from the past couple of years of crazy travel with Stephen Brockwell [see my note on him here] on our wacky reading tours; in fall 2007 we should hopefully be doing more, for his fourth poetry collection and my collection of lit essays, both out then with ECW Press... you should invite us to read. There will be more to follow...

in my sister's backyard, August long weekend, 2006

in a pub in Cardiff, Wales, September 2006; did you know that it's not only the capital of Wales, but the student drinking capital of the UK?

these three are from 2004, when Brockwell launched his ECW book & I launched by Talonbook; above is Robert McTavish (currently putting the finishing touches on the selected poems of John Newlove that Chaudiere Books will be producing in fall 2007) looking mischevious; below, me sitting with Brian Fawcett at the post-reading drinks with crew-cut Brockwell; below that, Jonathan Bennett listening to someone we can't see, while beside Prince George BC poet Barry McKinnon.

Finally, a picture with Edmund Hardy in London England in September 2006 (lots younger than I thought he would be); notice the picture of the Queen Mother in the background; everyone knows that famous shot of her waiting for a pint that took too long, so she got it herself. Apparently she did it in one of a chain of pubs around London; we happen to be in another of same chain, right near where the MI-5 building is (wherever the hell that is; I preferred the tv show). Note the clever t-shirt I picked up while there (got one for my kid, too). More pics to follow, probably.

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