Monday, January 02, 2006

Gil McElroy

Another poet sending out annual Christmas poems for years is Colbourne, Ontario poet Gil McElroy. One of my favourite Canadian poets, be sure to check out either of his poetry collections from Talonbooks, Dream Pool Essays or NonZero Definitions, or his book of essays on art + writing, GRAVITY & GRACE: SELECTED WRITING ON CONTEMPORARY CANADIAN ART (Gaspereau Press). This is his most recent one, that found its way into my in-box yesterday. I made a broadsheet of it today (and I don't just like it cuz my name is in it). There is an interview I once did with him here.

Sure Points & Lubricants
for rob mclennan

Irony, be
a giant. Offer me
no more
of the mill. I'll
overlook the
drawer (so
mellow &
straight) &
the gaudy childhood,

sing (from right
to left) the wit
of impossible
songs, mimicking the style
of Mancini himself (at
the core), or maybe
beyond high school. Ah,
those were handsome times,
of sure points
& lubricants.

Much gasps.

To pall,

Gil McElroy

I've been making broadsheets again lately, so if anyone wants a copy of this, or recent above/ground press poem broadsides by Jordan Scott, myself, Jennifer Mulligan, McElroy or Gary Barwin, shoot me a s.a.s.e. (for regular postage, 4 broadsheets) c/o 858 Somerset Street West, main floor, Ottawa ON Canada K1R 6R7.

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