Thursday, February 02, 2023

periodicities : a journal of poetry and poetics

Recently on periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics: new poetry by Amanda Earl, Miranda Mellis, Guy Elston, Derek Beaulieu, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Kate Siklosi, Ariel Gordon,Daniel Sarah Karasik, Julia Polyck-O’Neill, Kevin Varrone, Carlos Soto Román, Dani Spinosa and Meredith Stricker; reviews of work by John Wall Barger (by Kevin Spenst), Nancy Jo Cullen (by Kim Fahner), David Ly (by Jérôme Melançon), Khashayar Mohammadi and Saeed Tavanaee Marvi (by rob mclennan), Kim Fahner (by Jérôme Melançon) and Peter Burghardt (by rob mclennan); Michael Sikkema interviews Scott Ferry; George Bowering, Derek Beaulieu and Melanie Dennis Unrau each write on their recent above/ground press chapbooks; Residency Reports by Jason Heroux, Lisa Pasold and Lee Ann Roripaugh; Geoffrey Young offers three more in his ongoing "DATES" series; Kristen Tapson on Bernadette Mayer, D.S. Black on Michael McClure; Han VanderHart & Amorak Huey on River River Books, and Sarah Gzemski on Noemi Press; and "Process Notes," curated by Maw Shein Win, by James Cagney, Caroline Goodwin, Susana Praver-Pérez, Linda Norton and rob mclennan (with more forthcoming, including Colin Partch)

as well as pieces reprinted from various of the Report from the Society festschrift series,
including pieces critical and creative, including Sarah Dowling, Sarah Heady and Barbara Cole on Pattie McCarthy (with further volumes forthcoming!

with forthcoming work by: Jason Heroux, Daniel Barbiero, Nathanael O’Reilly, Matthew Tomkinson, Lindsey Webb and Martin Breul (among plenty of others)

and a reminder: periodicities is open to submissions of previously unpublished poetry-related reviews, interviews and essays. We are also seeking pieces (essays/interviews etc) on the Canadian long poem!

Please send submissions as .doc with author biography to periodicityjournal (at)

For the time being, submissions of previously unpublished poetry will be by solicitation-only, with the exception of translated works (which you should very much send along! please send translations!).

ALSO: periodicities is seeking essays in its #FirstRealPoets series, a series originally prompted by this piece by Canadian poet Zane Koss on Stuart Ross. Who was the first real poet you ever encountered in the flesh? How did that encounter shape your approach to poetry? How does that poet make poetry a possibility for people who might not otherwise see themselves as poets? We hope to read essays about real poets' poets. The poets who might not get the critical recognition they deserve but are nonetheless important community-creating figures who welcome and encourage new voices.

ALSO: periodicities is seeking short essays on a particular older book by another poet, a series originally prompted by Ken Norris, who wrote this piece on Michael Ondaatje's Rat Jelly.

periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics,
founded March 2020
edited and lovingly maintained by rob mclennan
built as a curious extension of above/ground press (b. July 9, 1993

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