Saturday, March 10, 2007

FINALLY AVAILABLE: Peter F. Yacht Club Sails to Calgary

Captain’s log:

assembled in Calgary, March 2006 at Fish Creek Public Library
by guest Captain, former Ottawa Yachtswoman Laurie Fuhr
original printed in Calgary Zoo Elephont at
Recreation Facility Personnel,
sponsored by The Horribly Awfuls, (Laurie Fuhr's favorite band)
printed by rob mclennan at above/ground press headquarters in February 2007
a production of the Peter F. Yacht Club workship

Guest Yachtsmen (& Yachtswimmin):

Jonathan Ball; Derek Beaulieu; Ryan Bird; *Stephen Brockwell; Weyman Chan; *Anita Dolman; *Jesse Ferguson; ryan fitzpatrick; Richard Gorecki; Jocelyn Grosse; Joy Hendrickson-Turner; *Nicholas Lea; *Laurie Fuhr; *Melanie Little; David McGimpsey; *rob mclennan; *Max Middle; *James Moran; Tom Muir; *Jennifer Mulligan; *Peter Norman; Sharron Proulx-Turner; Stuart Ross; Wes Smiderle; Joanne Underwood; *Vivian Vavassis; Yvonne Werkman; Garth Whelan

* regular crewmembers

The Peter F. Yacht Club, issue #5; irregular (very) writers group publication. Edited & compiled by Laurie Fuhr. Copies available at $5 each/add $2 for postage (payable to rob mclennan, 858 Somerset Street West, main floor, Ottawa ON K1R 6R7; outside of Canada, $5/+$2 US).

Previous issues still available (possibly; availability of various issues pretty random) at $5 each. Issue #1, August 2003, edited by rob mclennan; Issue #2, April 2004, edited by Anita Dolman (out of print); Issue #3, September 2004, edited by Peter Norman and Melanie Little; Issue #4, September 2005, edited by rob mclennan.

The Peter F. Yacht Club is part of the above/ground press annual subscription package; for more information on above/ground press 2007 subscriptions, check the link here.

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